Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hi All,

Today was transfers, and I'm transferred, for the first time on my mission! I spent 5 months in Helensvale. Here's the real kicker. I live in a flat with the neighboring ward's sisters, Coomera. And I packed all my things, and we all went to transfers. And I got transferred to Coomera. And Coomera's sister got transferred to Helensvale. So all the way back to the flat, same bed, same room. The Lord! The AP's! President Langeland! Goodness.

I finally get a Poly companion, Sister Shum. She's Samoan. TALOFA! (HELLO!)

For my last day in Helensvale ward, I sprinkled manure in the vegetable garden of my old man friend Orazio. He's Italian, and he's old, so I pray every day for the gift of tongues to communicate with him. And it works! I can now understand him and we've taught him two little lessons. I read to him from his Il Libro de Mormon. After our lesson on the Word of Wisdom yesterday, Orazio made us a margherita pizza from scratch, with tomatoes, basil and parsley from his garden.
And proposed marriage to me. Yesssss. I love him so much.