Friday, November 19, 2010

11/14/10 Letter

Kia Ora cuz,

Me and Sister Feomaia just set Brisbane Mission history: from first contact to baptized in 13 days. Last Sunday, we had an appointment with our friend Joe, whose wife of 50+ years died last week, and we made him toast and jam, which is his favorite, and he wasn't there.
And we thought, "Oh man, Joe! Stinker." Then we prayed and we tracted.
The first door we knocked on was Matthew! And Matthew listened to the Restoration, and then he came to church with us that day. And the Spirit wrought upon Matthew and that was that. He's getting baptized on Friday, and his program is going to be so nice, including a musical number by Matthew's new friends, an 80-year old Samoan couple. We love Matthew so much! He's the catering manager for the university, and surprise, he's feeding all the EFY kids in January.

My first Australian baptism in Australia. What a treat! And can I just say that Matthew is a qualified chef, and that he made us the best lambchops this week.

And about our friend Joe. We later found out that Joe committed suicide that morning we went over. The ultimate appointment dodge. No but really, we miss him so much. He hated not having his wife with him.

And here's other things too:

- On Friday, we taught a man named Vicky.
- I have my first aboriginal investigator, Veronica. It's a dream come true!
- I had my first Reese's in 9 months, that a sister brought back from the States, and it was so nice.
- We tracted into a new friend, a Reformed Latter-day Saint who grew up in that church. What?

Mission is best! Fa.