Monday, October 25, 2010


The greeting has changed because I'm serving in Samoa parts now. My
first non-New Zealand baptism in two weeks. I'm so excited! His name
is Fa'asaigatai. I know right. But it's okay, I call him Tai. He is
18, and he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet. He's coming to play
sports with us today for P-Day. It will be so fun!

Some things that have happened...

- Door knocking this week:
Me: We're here to share a message from God!
Him: I'm sorry, I am an atheist.
My wonderful Samoan companion: Oh that's okay. Did you grow up in that church?
Him: *Boggled*
Her: ...So, are your parents brought up in it too?

- We've started doing spelling tests to help Sister Feomaia during
language study. And we always end with a round of hangman. In Samoan.
Because I'm learning it. O Le Tusi a Mamona!

- I have mastered islander foods. I can slay anything now --- taro and
coconut cream, chop suey, pork crackle, prawns. I will eat it. The
best is cocoa alisa, which looks like a bowl of mud. It's white rice
covered in chocolate. Hahahaha. Samoans are geniuses.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. John 7:17, if any man will do
his will, he will know the doctrine. If any person has just a sliver
of faith enough to live a commandment, any commandment, he will know
of the truthfulness and divine origins of that commandment through his
own experience. I know that is true.

Faaa! Fa soifua!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/12/10 Letter


I can't believe it. Today, I got transferred out of the Gold Coast.
What! To a place called Park Ridge! With a flash flat with three bedrooms, and a full-time car, and my own bathroom. What! I can't believe I won't be biking every other day.

My new companion is Sister Feomaia from Western Samoa. I get to do English language study with her in the morning! Yes! The work is wonderful, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. We got to see General Conference this weekend, and I just thought it was phenomenal.
Saturday morning's always the best. Here are some things I think:

- We're cherished and prayed for by the presiding authorities of the Church. What!
- "The world will teach our children if we do not." Sister Wixon, what a lady.
- "...Reject him and suffer." Bold. Back to basics: follow the prophet.
- Time and agency, our two most precious gifts. Whenever we disobey God, we become captive to our choices. "God will force no man to heaven."
- "Honest toil gives rest its sweetness."
- Life on earth will be long enough for each person, no matter how long or short it is.
- "We are responsible for our own faith." It is not a free gift. Choose faith.
- Whenever we reach out to a child of God, we reach out to all their ancestors, and also to all their posterity after them.
- Character is made up of countless correct decisions.
- Acts of wickedness will never result in a feeling of peace. John 14: 27.

Thursday, October 7, 2010