Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/21/2011 Latter


- The elders were invited to cast out an evil spirit this week, and they invited us to come. Thanks you two! What a great thing though:
the Tongan three-fingered spirit with animal feet was successfully removed, and now we're teaching Brother and Sister Tuitui. The priesthood is real! The church is true!
- Member referral success: 70-year old Brother and Sister Bale invited a nonmember Lynda to dinner with us, and now we're teaching her as she goes through chemotherapy. Great work.
- Joshua is getting baptized in two weeks, and we're having an icecream party for him afterwards. 14 toppings, because he's 14, and so was Joseph Smith. Reese's pieces?
- Yesterday I went to church by myself. Have you ever had to do that before? My companions went to the other ward we cover. It wasn't good.
- Today is P-Day and we are leaving Queensland, and going to New South Wales. We're leaving the mission. To go and visit a lighthouse in a place called Byron Bay. It's what you do when you serve in isolated Gold Coast.

I'm onto the Jesus Christ appearing chapters now in the Book of Mormon, and I want you to know that I know that He really did visit those people in Bountiful after His death and resurrection. His love for those people is the same as His love for us. "Arise, and come forth" is the same invitation He has for us, to see, feel, and know that He is the Christ.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/14/11 Letter

Kia Ora,

Yep, I'm still in the Gold Coast, and surprise! This transfer, we're covering two wards. I'm not sure how we do that, what with the church meetings at the same time, the next month of dinners already booked at two different wards, and all that, but we'll figure out a way with the Lord's help. Haha. Man. Even more difficult: we're not eating sweets for the next 6 weeks. Again, we'll figure out a way with the Lord's help. Great!

Me (after teaching the First Vision): Teowai, how does that make you feel?
9-year old investigator Teowai: I feel...relieved.
Me: Why is that?
Him: This means that God is real.

That's my testimony. I feel so relieved. Joseph Smith prayed one spring morning. Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and that means they are alive, and real. God hears and He answers prayers.