Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/14/10 Letter

Kia Ora,

I've been getting fed twice at night most of these past couple of weeks. Serving in Coomera is a real killer, but it's worth it. Go ahead, give me the steak, taro, potatoes, and white bread. It's on.
And it's finally happened, my accent is getting Poly-fied--- most people we meet just ask me what part of New Zealand I'm from. Awhi got baptized, I couldn't control my crying for the whole service, and we got her baby blessed, and then she moved to an obscure town in New South Wales to shear sheep. I miss her so much.

Hey! Serve a mission! Okay? It's the best life decision you could ever make.


  1. We love your posts and are so proud of you and are inspired by you. LaVar Christensen

  2. Just wanted to tell you happy birthday, Maria! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating it. -Cindy N.