Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/23/11 Letter

A good week:
> Monday: Elder Evans of the Seventy comes and gives us revelation from
> our Heavenly Father about hard work and getting referrals. It's great
> that his son is serving here in the Chinese-speaking program.
> Sometimes I wish they would just send a Chinese sister here, and then
> me and her could be companions and I could spend the dusk of my
> mission baptizing Chinese people.
> Tuesday: ?
> Wednesday: We teach the Stop Smoking program to two Lebanese men. I
> ask them for their cigarettes, tobacco, rolling papers, and lighters,
> and I carry them on me until I find an outside garbage bin, and for
> that ten minutes, I feel dodgy and dangerous.
> Thursday: We found Mele and Paul, mother and son, tracting and teach
> them about the Restoration. Down the road, we find Collin, and teach
> him as well. All of Alexandra Hills is getting baptized! And I have
> french toast for breakfast.
> Friday: ?
> Saturday: At the ward talent show, I see something I've never seen
> before called the "lolly scramble." Brother Cooper stands on the stage
> with massive bags of candy. He yells "LOLLY SCRAMBLE!!!" and throws
> all of his candy out towards the audience, and the children
> just...well, you can just imagine what the children do. It's one of
> the most violent things I've ever seen.
> Sunday: ?

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