Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/10 LETTER


I can't believe I'm saying this---tracting is my favorite thing to do.
I love the days of hours of tracting, especially when we tract into inactive church members who aren't on the records. New this week:
Rita, an 85-year old Dutch mother of five living on a farm, who joined the church in Holland, and got all five of her kids baptized while her husband was away fighting in the navy. All five of her kids are inactives who are floating around the Gold Coast. We'll find them.
Rita said we could visit her again this week. as long as we come before 3:00 pm---that's when her programme, Judge Judy, comes on. A'ight!

Our baptism date with Russell fell through due to spousal objection---what can be done? We've already weeded her yard twice! Pray for him please!

I've started eating cereal with water. It makes breakfast so much cheaper. And since we only have a car every other day, I'm becoming better and better at biking every day! These factors are the only two things standing between me and grotesque weight gain, haha.

This week. I got to start the Book of Mormon, third time out here.
There is something so interesting in the Lord's direction to Nephi in
1 Nephi 17: 7---"Arise, and get thee into the mountain." Nephi prompty arose and went up into the mountain, and there, he talked to the Lord.
In the mountain, the Lord commands and directs him to build a ship to sail to the Americas. The Lord asks us often to arise, and go to certain places---sacrament meeting, church activities, institute, the temple---and there is wisdom in that simple directive. If we cannot heed the initial first command, to go to the specific places where His spirit can abide, then he cannot give us further direction---direction to build the ships we need to progress on our individual journeys.

Our new mission president and his wife get here this week. Sweet as!

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