Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/7/10 LETTER

Hi All,

So we have 17 sisters in the mission, and today, every companionship got switched around. My new companion's from New Zealand (sweet as!) and it's exciting. This past Sunday made my life complete as a missionary: every fast Sunday, the Milnes in the ward hosts a Come On Over Evening. A COOE. A potluck, with nonmember friends, and us, the missionaries, giving a nice message. And the theme of every COOE they've hosted for the past five years: Chinese people. Only Chinese people are invited. It was like hanging out with all my aunts and uncles, over fried rice and prawn crackers and pork dumplings. Next fast Sunday can't come sooner.

In other news, we met Ben tracting. Ben accepted the Book of Mormon and a return visit. Ben told us he is a 31-year old father of 2. He even introduced us to his youngest daughter. We went to visit Ben again, but he was not home. His stepfather was home. His stepfather, who informed us that Ben is a 15-year old father of no one. Ben. Can you believe him?

Here's a breakdown of what a typical tracting day is like. Gippsland Avenue: 3 Anglicans, 1 Muslim family, 2 Catholics, 5 not homes, 1 lesson on the Plan of Salvation and prayer for her recently deceased dog at doorstep, 2 "I'm already Christian!", and 1 white South African university student, who accepted a Book of Mormon and a return visit.


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  1. Maria
    I just read your post to Grandpa Lee. He was thrilled to hear about your experiences. He sends you his love and wished you well in all that you do.