Monday, October 25, 2010


The greeting has changed because I'm serving in Samoa parts now. My
first non-New Zealand baptism in two weeks. I'm so excited! His name
is Fa'asaigatai. I know right. But it's okay, I call him Tai. He is
18, and he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet. He's coming to play
sports with us today for P-Day. It will be so fun!

Some things that have happened...

- Door knocking this week:
Me: We're here to share a message from God!
Him: I'm sorry, I am an atheist.
My wonderful Samoan companion: Oh that's okay. Did you grow up in that church?
Him: *Boggled*
Her: ...So, are your parents brought up in it too?

- We've started doing spelling tests to help Sister Feomaia during
language study. And we always end with a round of hangman. In Samoan.
Because I'm learning it. O Le Tusi a Mamona!

- I have mastered islander foods. I can slay anything now --- taro and
coconut cream, chop suey, pork crackle, prawns. I will eat it. The
best is cocoa alisa, which looks like a bowl of mud. It's white rice
covered in chocolate. Hahahaha. Samoans are geniuses.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. John 7:17, if any man will do
his will, he will know the doctrine. If any person has just a sliver
of faith enough to live a commandment, any commandment, he will know
of the truthfulness and divine origins of that commandment through his
own experience. I know that is true.

Faaa! Fa soifua!

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