Monday, April 19, 2010

4/19/10 LETTER

Hi all,

I gave a talk this Sunday on charity. My ward's half Polynesian, half Australian. A lot of people from New Zealand. A lot of kissing on the cheek every Sunday. They are so wonderful.

We are teaching a lady right now who is my kindred spirit, me, if I had been a Maori (New Zealander) teenage mom with 6 kids and a bad coffee habit. Our 80 year old friend Llew attended General Conferennce, and had this to say: "It's just, do you think they realize what sort of expressions they're making when they sing?" Oh Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

So my trainer has warned me of impending doom: I'll probably take over this area of Helensvale. Me, who still occasionally forgets what's going on and drives on the right side of the road (Meaning, the wrong side of the road).

Yay Jess has a baby! I''m so happy! Your letter will be coming in like a week girlfriend! I love you and James, and I love being Jackson's godfather.

I feel so lucky to be serving here. Today, as I was preparing for a family home evening lesson with a 20 year old investigator about Lehi's vision of the tree of life, I was just struck by verses 11 and 12 of 1 Nephi 8. The purest manifestation of God's love is the Atonement, and that is the fruit that we can partake - the fruit that is sweeter than anything on this earth. The Atonement is what changes people, and changes lives. I'm so happy that I can spread the word.

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